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Dr. Denis Pastory


...Data-driven decisions accelerate Emerging Markets...

Applied Data Scientist, Technology Consultant, Technical Advisor, Research Scientist

Dr. Denis is an applied data scientist, data strategist, and Innovation Technology Consultant passionate about helping leaders (C-Level, Executives, Managers, and Business Strategists) integrate data-driven technology and strategy into their businesses and organizations.

He is at the forefront of leading the integration of Emerging Technologies in technical programs, and technological policies in emerging markets for socioeconomic transformation in mission-driven industries that impact millions of people.

With extensive experience working as a research scientist, machine learning/Artificial Intelligence consultant, and technical advisor across several industries - with a mission to accelerate significant digital transformation in business with social impact on low-resource and marginalized communities - across Japan to Sub-Sahara Africa.

He is keen on innovative emerging markets and problem-solving, a see-through capability that has been witnessed in A.I, geospatial, emerging technology, and agri-tech and their integration into Agriculture, Environment, Climate, Rural Community, and responsible AI.

Dr. Denis holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering, MSc in Agribusiness Management, and a BSc in International Agriculture and Food Studies from the Tokyo University of Agriculture in Japan.

A true activist serving as a team lead, and mentor for tech innovations in health, agriculture, climate, biotechnology, the-future-for-work. 

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